02-07 July, Három Kincs Völgye

Jam Camp

9-14 July, Három Kincs Völgye

Being a community researching in nature

We warmly welcome you to the Kontaktland Hungarian Contact Improvisation Festival in 2023.

Let's have a taste!

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Three Treasures Valley

A wonderful retreat place, in the middle of a valley surrounded by hills and forests. An environment crafted on Feng Shui bases with soft grass garden for camping, boat lake, tea pavilion, meditation room, sauna, and two spacious and comfortable dance spaces, one indoor and one outdoor.

Heart Sharings

  • “Thank you for creating a special, joyful learning environment. Gently held, powerfully organized, allowing space. Bridges between people. A reminder for the most important things in life—being true, communicating, awareness, kindness, love.”
  • “Coming to the festival, I felt a certain nervous excitement. I discovered CI not even a year ago, but it has changed my life.… Now, on the last day, I feel pure gratefulness, I feel inspired and seen. Thank you all, for co-creating and co-sharing this space. Thanks for helping me slow down and get clear about what I want to focus on in the future. I feel inspired going back ‘home’ today.”
  • “Even though I came later, I felt that the group received me with open arms and open heart. I was lifted up, flying, and was provided with a soft landing. Everything fell into its place! This festival boldens the fact that community-based contact improvisation is the key to [a] better understanding of humanity and strong bonds between people.”
  • “Although my hips got injured on the second day, I did not stop feeling that I am part of the whole thing, I belong there, I’m taken into it.… In my life, until this point, isolation may have been the major cause of my suffering; the loneliness, the abandonment, hurt me the most. [At] the festival, I didn’t feel abandoned for even a second.… I have become full, I am overflowed. Thank you.”
  • “The organizing was cautious and thoughtful. I felt the care. I felt that if I had any problem, I could come to you for help and support. How you paid attention to the well-being of the body and the soul touched me deeply (Jam angels, mediators…). It felt good to contribute to the operation of the festival with volunteering. The workshops were great!”
  • It was a wonderful week, thank you. Even in one of my biggest life crises I could find peace, joy, and laugh amongst all of you in this beautiful Eden.”
  • “Coming here, in the beginning, was super intimidating, so thank you for being so welcoming and open and making this such a nice experience!”
  • “I reconnected to my childhood experiences, when I used to go to dance classes, which were—as I only realized later—the foundation of my way of thinking, my worldview, body awareness, my friendly relationship towards my own body.”